Computer glasses In non-nerd styles. Avoid eye strain. Block blue light. Lifetime guarantee.

Screen Time Hurts Your Eyes

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70% of People experience digital eye strain

Our glasses help

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Every day the Average Human

Spends 7.5 Hours Staring at Screens

Our glasses help

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Save your eyeballs.

Blue Light Sucks


We shared. They tested.

"your eyes will be left rested, refreshed, and comfortable after a long day in front of the computer."

Cool Material

"will make both day and night more comfortable for your eyes and brain."

The Coolector

Our Refined Process

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Seefarer Lifetime Guarantee

We've painstakingly refined our manufacturing process. That process includes a 3 day German wax polish finish following the completion our Handmade Acetate frames. Each lens undergoes spectrum light testing - to ensure you're getting the highest quality blue light blocking glasses on the market. Oh and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Enjoy!